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3 Ways You Can Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week

3 WAYS YOU CAN CELEBRATE TRUCK DRIVER APPRECIATION WEEK (Facebook Ad)For many of us, the highway is a quick way to get to our workplace, but for 3.5 million Americans, the highway is their workplace. At K&J, we do our best to celebrate drivers every day, but we are happy to announce that this is the week the rest of America joins in!

“Truck drivers are the ones who move our country forward, and they deserve to be celebrated by their companies, customers, neighbors, families, and friends,” said American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear. “We invite all Americans to join us in thanking these hardworking men and women who supply our communities.”

Here are three ways you can let truckers know how much you appreciate everything they do during Truck Driver Appreciation Week:

1. Join the Celebration on Social Media

We've put together some facts on the trucking industry that we've shared on social media. Consider clicking below and sharing these posts with your friends and family to show your support!


2. Buy Them A Meal

If you live near a truck stop with a cafe, consider stopping by this week and treating a driver to a meal. Eating on the road is expensive, and truck stop meals are a luxury. Let them know you care by taking care of their bill.

3. Do the Horn Thing

The American Trucking Associations are asking adults, kids, and kids at heart to give the famous honking sign to drivers as a token of appreciation. Plus, who doesn't love a good air horn?


If you can do so safely, have a passenger record the interaction on their phone and share it on social media using the hashtags #honkforhighwayheroes and #thankatrucker!

What Are We Doing?

To celebrate Driver Appreciation Week at K&J this year we are hosting daily $50 gift card giveaways for our drivers. Here is a link to our TikTok if you want to check it out. We also host week-long driver appreciation lunches twice a year. Our last one was in July! Yum!



Truck drivers are the backbone of this country. The nation saw this clearly during the pandemic, but it is easy to forget. More than 80% of communities across the country depend solely on truck traffic to get their food and commodities!

The ATA states, "Approximately 8.5 million jobs are directly related to trucking activity, and countless more depend on truck drivers in some way. Practically every object that we touch is transported on the back of a truck at some point, and virtually every aspect of our lives is impacted by the work of the professionals who make these deliveries. Without the trucking industry, the country would come to a screeching halt."

We couldn't say it any better.

Not all heroes wear capes.
ours wear K&J t-shirts.