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5 Tips to Make Sure Your Big Rig Updates Bring Big Returns

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Big Rig Updates Bring Big Returns

Everyone loves custom. But when you customize your rig, you have to keep residual value at the top of your priority list. Not all drivers have your taste in accessories. So if you are planning some custom updates to your ride and plan to sell or trade it in the next few years here are a few helpful tips to make sure you get a good return.

1. Use quality parts.

Cheap aftermarket parts almost always bring a negative return on your investment. Whether it is stainless steel or plastic chrome, the cheap parts just don't hold up to the rough environment of the trucking industry. The higher quality steel will not rust or pit out like the cheaper options and when it comes time to sell and upgrade to a new rig, you will be happy you didn't skimp on cheap parts.


2. Lights!!

A truck with lots of lights is always an attention grabber. Just make sure when installing lights that you take your time. If you're not installing them yourself, use a reputable installer. Improper installation of lights can be a major headache. Make sure to secure wires to avoid rubbing or chaffing. Consider using wire loom as it can save you countless hours of repairs in the future.


3. Keep it clean.

Clean trucks bring a premium when it comes to resale. It is your home away from home, so treat it well; when it comes time to sell it will treat you well in return. 


4. Keep it tasteful.

A truck that is loaded up with every possible chrome piece is often frowned upon when trying to resell it. Pick and chose your options such as visors, lights, stacks and chrome carefully. More is not always better. Take your time in making your selections and enjoy your creation!


5. Do your research. 

Stay up to date on the latest trends and brands that are popular. Try to strike a good balance between your personal style and current big rig trends. If you don't know the trends, go to trade shows and ask around. You will find plenty of truckers willing to tell you their favorite custom updates. 


Special thanks to Jeff Watkins of Sioux Falls Truck & Trailer for his help compiling this list. If you are ready to buy or sell a rig, give Jeff a call. 

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