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7 Things That Really Great South Dakota Trucking Companies Do

7 Things That Really Great (South Dakota) Trucking Companies Do - K&J Trucking

Whether you're currently looking for a trucking company or whether you're happy where you are, everyone wants to be treated well by their employer. There are a few critera that drivers consistently list as the things that set great trucking companies apart. Here are seven things that really great South Dakota trucking companies do.  

7 Things That Really Great South Dakota Trucking Companies Do

1. They TRULY Care About Their Drivers

We get it! If you are out there looking for a trucking job, you will hear just about every company proclaim that they are the ones who truly love their employees. While it is easy to claim this, lipservice isn't enough. Do NOT believe what a trucking company says about itself. Ask their drivers. And if a trucking company won't let you talk to any of their current drivers during the interview process, run away. 

2. They Provide or Guide You Through Your Health Care Options

Health care and health insurance are hot topics right now and it is top-of-mind for a lot of OTR drivers. Great trucking companies will not only provide you a list of your health care options, but they will also provide you with explanations of all the available benefits.

3. They Know You by Name

We aren't saying that large trucking companies can never be good employers, but we believe that small is better. Here is why. With a big trucking company you will always be a number to someone. The best trucking companies out there are willing to invest the time and personnel in knowing YOU; your family, your situation, and your schedule. 

4. They Provide Retirement Benefits

Truly great trucking companies provide retirement benefits for all their company drivers. Traditonally this involves a 401K or other type of work investment account. Companies should contribute to your funds as well, some will match, others will contribute a flat fee. Either way, investing in your future is a good idea. If your company doesn't offer retirement benefits, or if you are an owner operator, make sure you are meeting with a personal investment banker to prepare for your future needs. 

5. They Prioritize Family Time

When you work for a great trucking company they will make sure you get home for family time requests as much as they can. At K&J we have stories of dispatchers bending over backwards to make sure that a driver gets rerouted in cases of family emergencies. And in all our years, we've never forced someone to work on Christmas. We have several drivers who have family members in other states. For those individuals we do our best to route them there occasionally so they can connect with family and get a paycheck.  

6. They are Flexible

Great trucking companies offer a variety of work schedules to fit your needs; full-time or part-time, regional, intermediate or long-haul. One of the best parts of being a truck driver is the ability to work as much or as little as you want. The best trucking companies understand and respect your time. 

7. They Listen

Great trucking companies recognize that drivers are often the best resource for trends, news and inventions that can benefit other truckers. And that is why the best companies listen to their drivers and research trends and new ideas to stay on the cutting edge. In fact, at K&J we added AutoSocks snow chain alternatives because of our research on snow chains; and we added the SmartTruck Fairing System at the suggestion of a driver. Great trucking companies aren't intimidated by drivers who do their research; they are excited to hear ideas for improving life on the road. 


Do you have ideas for improving life on the road? We want to hear them! Please comment below with the latest tips, trends and ideas to improve the lives of OTR drivers!


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