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9 Apps To Help Truckers Manage Expenses

9 trucker expense apps - blog (1440xX)

Because truck drivers are always on the go, it can be difficult to keep track of all your receipts and expenses. Thankfully, there are several apps specifically designed to make managing your finances easier.

Here are a few of our favorites!

9 Trucker Apps to Manage Expenses

Shoeboxed Trucker App Screenshot


Shoeboxed is the #1 app for receipt management and expense reporting. It lets you take photos, categorize, and create expense reports for receipts on the go.

Shoeboxed also offers a mail-in receipt-scanning service. Truckers recommend keeping your Magic Envelope on the seat next to you and stuffing the receipt in it each time you stop for gas or for a bite to eat. At the end of the month, just send it off to Shoeboxed to have them scan and upload the receipts to your account. 


Expensify App Screenshots


Expensify is a versatile expense management app that allows you to scan and store receipts, track mileage, and categorize expenses. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for truck drivers to create expense reports and stay organized.




TripLog is a comprehensive mileage and expense-tracking trucker app. It offers real-time mileage tracking, fuel logging, and even provides tax deduction calculations. It's particularly useful for drivers who want to keep accurate records of their miles driven for tax purposes.


trucker tools FINAL


Trucker Tools is an all-in-one trucker app that provides various features, including load tracking, parking availability, and routing. It also includes expense tracking capabilities, helping truckers manage their financials on the go.


Everlance 2


Everlance is a mileage and expense tracking app suitable for truckers. It uses GPS to automatically log trips and track mileage, making it a convenient choice for drivers who want to minimize manual input.


Quick Books SE 2


QuickBooks Self-Employed is ideal for truckers who are independent contractors or owner-operators. It helps with tracking income and expenses, calculating estimated taxes, and generating profit and loss reports.




While primarily focused on finding fuel prices and truck stops, FuelBook also allows truckers to track fuel purchases and other expenses related to fueling up.


Stride Canva


Stride is known for its tax tracking features. It helps you track mileage, expenses, and deductions, making it suitable for truckers who need to keep detailed records for tax purposes.




TruxTrax is a comprehensive app designed by truckers, for truckers. It offers features like trip logging, expense tracking, load tracking, and even vehicle maintenance tracking.



how to pick the right app

Make sure you look at as ease of use, compatibility with your devices, the specific features you need (like mileage tracking, receipt scanning, or tax calculations), and any associated costs. Test out a few options to see which app best suits your needs and, as always, ask your fellow truckers which apps they love and why!

Did we miss your favorite app? Do you have any great tips for keeping track of expenses while on the road? Tell us in the comments below! 👇