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A First Look at K&J Trucking's Investment in Autonomous Truck Driving

A First Look at K&J Trucking's Investent in Autonomous Truck Driving

We are excited to announce our investment in the autonomous trucking industry! We just tried our first drive the other day with a straight truck. We wanted to get our feet under us before we invest in a full rig. See how it went below!




Did we get you? Did you really think we had invested in autonomous truck driving? Well rest assured, we love our human drivers very much and we don't think trucks need to be driving themselves at K&J Trucking. We hope you all have a wonderful day, no fooling! 


And pass this post on to your friends! Let's see how many "fools" we can gather today!


We like to have fun at K&J Trucking. Learn more about us!

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