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An OTR Driver’s Guide to a Miserable Relationship

An OTR Driver's Guide to a Miserable Relationship
Destroying your relationship when you are an OTR driver is easier than you may think. Just follow these easy steps and relationship misery is sure to follow!

1. Sleep all day when you get home. 

2. Sit on the couch, watch TV and drink a beer.

3. Schedule for the kids and family? What schedule?

4. Don't change your habits. Your spouse loves to wait on you and pick up your dishes. 

5. Spoil the kids. Bedtime? Nah! 

If these things don't work to make your relationship miserable, you must be married to a saint. If you are an OTR driver, let us know what other tips you have to keep your family dysfunctional. 
NOTE: This is satire. Please never do any of the things on this list. K & J Trucking can not be held responsible for your significant other's reaction should you implement these ridiculous suggestions.  


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