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Does a Guaranteed Income in Trucking Sound too Good to Be True?

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Well it isn't too good to be true! We asked our drivers what could make being a company driver at K & J Trucking even better, and a few of them said that guaranteed pay would be the icing on the cake. So if the idea of a variable income has kept you from pursuing your dreams of a mobile office with a view, now is the time to make the switch!

Who is K & J?

We are a well-respected, family owned refrigerated carrier running in the contiguous 48 states. All of our equipment is three years old or NEWER, and this includes trailers. We don't want you or our customers wasting time with faulty equipment! Our cabs are all equipped with PeopleNet E-logs and in-cab communication.

Do You Have Residency Requirements?

K & J Trucking has terminals (and shops) in Sioux Falls, SD & Guymon, OK. Please note that all drivers on the guaranteed pay program must live within 150 miles of either terminal. 

How Long Will I Be Out OTR?

There are two different options within our guaranteed pay program. One is intermediate where you are out for five to seven nights per week. The other is Over the Road where you are out for 10 to 14 days at a time. But please note, you must be available for dispatch 6 days a week. 

How Much Will I Make?

We will guarantee your pay up to $58,000 a year as long as you are doing the work and putting on the miles. That means if business is slow, your pocketbook won't know. We pay weekly using direct deposit and pay for both empty and loaded miles. Our training program miles are paid at $.20/all miles. K & J offers insurance and benefits, and after one year you will receive one week of paid vacation.

We have plenty of miles available for you if you're ready to go! We just have a few basic requirements.


  • Have your hard card CDL (Note: We will train recent graduates from CDL School)
  • Complete a DOT Physical
  • Complete a pre-employment drug screen
  • Perform a Job Fit Test to ensure work safety
  • Background checks done for Military Base clearance
  • Be available for dispatch 6 days a week

Is This Option Right For Me?

There are a few questions you should ask before you commit to guaranteed pay with K & J Trucking.

1. Is your family supportive of the schedule?

We do our best to get you home for the most important family events, but part of the trade-off with guaranteed income in trucking means that you may miss that weekly family dinner. If this doesn't seem like the right fit for your family we have regular company driver positions that are a bit more flexible. Or you can always become an independent contractor/owner operator and have full control over your schedule. Pick the option that is right for you!

2. Are you ready to put in the miles?

The schedule can be hard for some, but if you've caught the trucking bug, you will love it! Did you know that there is a scientific reason many truckers get addicted to time on the road? It's true! But if you aren't ready to commit that much time, it is best to be honest with yourself.

3. Are you prepared to plug into the K & J community?

At K & J you are never just a number to us. We want to get to know you and your family. When you call in you should feel confidence in the people handling the logistics of your trip. So if you want to be treated like the professional driver that you are then you should consider joining our family! 

What Are You Waiting For?

Skip the same old application process and just click the picture below and fill out a short form to get the process started. There is no obligation. We just want to talk to you and understand what you are looking for in your next trucking venture. This one call or email could turn into your long term career!

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