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How to Find the Right Tax Preparer For Your Trucker Taxes

How to Find the Right Tax Preparer For Your Trucker Taxes.png

Unfortunately, when you are a trucker, getting your taxes done isn't as simple as stopping by the local H&R Block. Here are some tips on finding the right tax preparer for you, written by a tax preparer!

Ask Questions

Experience is always important! When you are meeting with a potential tax preparer, ask them which industries they work with frequently. There are always deductions specific to your industry (even within trucking), so having someone with similar clients can be beneficial!

We get a lot of business from referrals, and often those referrals are to co-workers or other people within the same industry.  So if you are striking out in your effort to find a tax preparer, ask fellow drivers who they use.

Avoid Quick Fixes

I had an experience recently with a client who went to H&R Block because it was fast and convenient.  This preparer took a mileage deduction on his semi, which is improper treatment according to tax code. I amended the return, and unfortunately my client owed money, BUT we both slept better at night knowing that it was done right!  You can’t put a price on that!

Find Someone You Can Trust

This is most important tip: find someone you can talk to. Can you tell this person some of the most intimate details of your life? Some might balk at this idea, but finding a tax preparer is a lot like finding the right doctor. You need someone you can trust.

Think about the things that you need to be honest about. Did you take money out of retirement account and regret it? You have to be able to fess up! Are you having medical issues that may be difficult to talk about? We don’t need to know what they are, but we need to know that they happened and if we can help you out on your taxes! Are you having difficulty getting pregnant?  That can be painful for couples, but if you tell us, we may be able to talk to you about the tax credits available for adoption.


Find someone you trust, and let them be your true partner in this business. We love to help you save money and make the right choices for your goals.

Do you have any trucker tax questions? Comment below and we will try to address them in a future blog!


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