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Need a Christmas Gift for the Trucker in your Life?

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It's the best time of the year! We take our hard earned money and spend it on gifts to make other people smile. It's a wonderful feeling . . . until you have no idea what gift to get someone! If you have a family member in the trucking industry, or if you want to treat yourself this Christmas, check out these different ideas to put under the tree!

Wireless Headsets

If you have a trucker in your life, you're probably aware that they are not allowed to have their hands on a cell phone while they're operating their rig (no one should be texting and driving!) but it's still necessary for people to be able to get ahold of them. Wireless headsets are a big help in this department. Chances are your trucker already has one, but consider checking out the latest models to give them an upgrade. Check out this one from Audioxa! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.22.39 PM.png


Audio Books or an Audible Membership

If you're in the trucking profession, you probably find the road relaxing, enjoy the meditation of driving, or something similar. But that doesn't mean that flat plains and scratchy radio stations can't get a little boring every now and then! Audio books are a perfect solution - drivers can listen to anything they want, whether it's history, business, or fiction, but still keep their main focus on the road. If you're looking for recommendations, check out the latest from Dan Brown or Josh Grisham! 

If you know what kind of music the trucker in your life likes, music CDs are be a great idea, too. 

Portable Refrigerators

Looking to keep additional food or soft drinks cold? If your small fridge isn't quite enough for the driver in your life, an additional portable refrigerator is cheaper than you might think! You could pick up this one from Amazon for just $39.99. 


Sure, you could just keep your cans of soda on the floor of your rig in the winter months, but this is way more consistent! 

Travel DVD Players

There can sometimes be a lot of down time in the trucking industry. Waiting is usually inevitable. An easy way to pass the time when you or your loved one are parked and waiting for load information is with a portable DVD player. If you know you're going to be parked for a few hours, you can catch up on the latest Marvel movie you've been wanting to see. Check out this one for just $39.99 from Sylvania! 


Quick tip: Make sure to look for a model that's easy to charge and has good reviews! 

Portable Vehicle Safe

Depending on what kind of trucking you do, you may need to collect checks or cash when you make deliveries, or maybe you just like keeping extra cash on you in case of emergencies. If you keep valuables with you in your truck you want to make sure they stay safe.

When you go to fill up or go to take a shower at a stop, it can be a hassle to make sure you grab all of those valuables, but you don't want to just leave them out in the open in your rig, either! Portable vehicles safes are a great alternative! Check out these safes from Snapsafe or look into this car safe with a mounting bracket. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.43.02 PM.png

Still no ideas? Ask!

We hope you got at least a few ideas from this blog. Finding and buying the perfect gift for someone can sometimes be difficult; and the easiest way to ensure you get them what they want is to ask! If the trucker in your life already has some of these items, ask them specifically if there's anything they want for their rig or what problems they encounter in their day-to-day OTR life. We guarantee that with a little detective work you can make this a great Christmas for your truck driver (or for yourself!).


Did you see something on this list you want? Feel free to send this to a loved one with a little, "Hint, hint" nudge! Don't forget to subscribe to our blog to make sure you stay up to date with our latest postings!

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