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Starting Your Truck Driving Career While You are Young


Trucking is solid; it will always be there.  Americans will always need you to deliver food, building supplies, or cars. You name it; a truck driver delivered it. In truck driving, there is no stressing over the question: "will I have a job tomorrow?". Starting out in trucking while you are young can have its benefits as you begin your career. 

To start out in trucking you will need to do some training. During the training period you will not be making as much until after you graduate from training. However, when you are young you have less financial burdens so this isn’t as big of an issue.

After your training period, you have a chance to make some serious cash. I mean serious. 

Hundreds of days less spent in schools. Thousands of dollars less spent on school

While you are young you can get the feel for the "trucking way of life".  You are often gone for one to two weeks, depending on the company.  So, there is some adjusting to the life style. This is much easier to do before you are married or early in your marriage rather than being married for 10 years or so and changing your family’s lifestyle. 


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It is also easier on your children. if you start out driving while they are young, it’s a way of life they don’t know any different when you begin to plan your family.

You won’t have to wait years to see for a promotion or raises. Individual success is recognized and rewarded early in your career.

You will travel the country seeing places you wouldn’t normally see (some better than others).

Overall,  you won’t waste your time in dead-end jobs not making enough to survive and onne day when you're in your 40s, you wake up in your parents basement thinking what did I do with my life?

So, get started today! 

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