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The Unexpected Benefits of Bringing Your Pet On Trucking Jobs


Many drivers bring their pets with them on trucking jobs, but there are some unexpected benefits to bringing your furry co-pilot along. So the next time a non-trucker scoffs at you bringing your pet to work every day, laugh and pass them this list. 

You drive more safely

Many truckers report that they are a more conscientious driver when driving with their pet. While this is anecdotal, there is definitely something to be said about traveling with a living being who is fully dependent on you. 

You get more exercise

Dogs (and some cats) need to get out and stretch their legs and do their business. Having an animal on the road can help you remember that you need breaks too. Taking breaks throughout the day to get little bursts of exercise, like the exercise required to briefly walk a cat or dog, can go a long way toward improving a your overall health. 

You are less stressed

Pets are good for the soul. There is a ton of research out there to back this claim. It is calming to have a pet around. Cuddling up with a dog or cat is a great way to unwind from the demands of trucking jobs which you know are often quite stressful and demanding. 

You always have a companion

Trucking can be a lonely occupation, but with a pet in the cab, long hours are much more bearable. Pets give you someone to talk to during long drives when you can't be with human loved ones. Companions help your cab feel more like a real home.

You have to keep a routine

Pets have needs, and they tend to need at least a basic routine. When you go to the trouble of keeping a routine for your pets it brings you one step closer to keeping a routine for yourself too. Establishing good routines is one of the keys to being a profitable owner operator. Having a pet might be just the motivation you need to get up and get going in the morning. After all, if you already have to get up to walk and feed the dog, you might as well start the day, right? 

You have an instant conversation starter

Everyone loves to talk about their pets, share pictures and show off their companions. Bringing a pet on trucking jobs affords you an instant connection with many other truckers. Pets give you a common ground to launch a conversation and possibly a friendship; and that helps make the road less lonely. 


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