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5 Things to Know When Picking a Trucking Company


If you've been in the trucking world very long you already know that there is a lot to consider before signing on the dotted line with a company. Here are five things you should know before you pick a trucking company.  

1. How Many Miles You Will Get in a Month

Plenty of companies advertise truck driver jobs with big pay per mile, but when you sign with them you realize that they won't give you the miles you need to make money. Before you pick a company, make sure you know the minimum and maximum miles they will be giving so you can make an educated decision. 

2. How Often You Will be Home

Think about your personal life and the ideal trucking schedule for your family situation. Don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions, in a professional manner of course. You need to know that the new company will meet your needs for home time or you will be miserable on the job. 

3. The Company's Safety Policies and CSA Score

Knowing the company's CSA score can tell you how the company does business and how serious they are about safety. Take time to understand how the company deals with hours of service, driver screening, and equipment maintenance. 

4. What Type of Equipment You Will be Driving and How it is Maintained

This is a big deal, not only for your comfort, but for your CSA scores. Remember, if the company doesn't keep their equipment up to date and safe, it will effect your CSA score and can have inconvenient and even dangerous consequences. 

5. If you fit the Company Culture


There are many good companies out there, but even the best company won't be right for everyone. Finding a good fit will keep you comfortable even when bad times come... and they will. This cycle of good times and bad times is part of trucking. If you have a good fit you will have confidence that you will be well cared for, that the company understands you and knows who you are, how you like to work and pays you fairly for the important work you do.

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