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Top 10 Weirdest Things Carried in a Refrigerated Truck

The Top Ten Weirdest Things Carried In A Refrigerated Truck or Reefer Trailer

One favorite discussion topic among our drivers is the weirdest loads they have hauled. In that same vein, here are some of the weirdest and most surprising things that have to be hauled on refrigerated or climate controlled trucks. Which ones surprise you? 

1. Makeup

All that beautiful makeup has very specific temperatures and humidity levels that need to be maintained so the product stays fresh. Who would have guessed that make-up lovers owe their fresh faces and beautiful pouts to truckers?

2. Jelly and Jam

A lot of food is transported in refeer trailers, and jelly in the winter is one important food item that you will often find in refrigerated trucks. Jelly can't get too cold or it will freeze and the containers could explode. Climate-controlled trucks allow the jelly to arrive safely to the store, and make it on to your morning toast

3. Houseplants and Flowers

Many know that houseplants and flowers travel in cold trailers in the summer, but did you know that they often travel in warm trailers in the winter? Florists can thank truckers for helping their business "flourish"!

4. Baseball Cards

We bet that you didn't guess this one! Baseball cards can easily stick together if they get in high humidity environments. Refrigerated trucks can be climate and humidity controlled to keep those cards separated and looking great! 

5. Bees

When bees move their wings they generate a lot of heat. In fact, they generate so much heat that a hive can die off quite quickly if transported in a regular trailer without refrigeration. Reefer trailers help bees get where they need to go to pollinate our crops. 

6. Bull Semen

The cattle industry utilizes artificial insemination in breeding programs to diversify their herds. This means they rely heavily on climate controlled trucks and trailers to help their cargo arrive in top shape. 

7. Vats of Chicken Liver

Well this one is kind of gross. Some of our K&J drivers have experienced this first-hand. The sludge that needs to leave animal processing facilities has to go somewhere. And it is better for everyone's noses if it stays climate controlled!

8. Barrels of Sand 

Why in the world would anyone pay to ship around cold sand? Well, pharmaceutical companies need to run frequent control tests to ensure that trucks are able to maintain consistent temperatures for products such as insulin and vaccines. Thermometers are placed in the barrels of sand and the temperature is measured throughout trips so that pharmaceutical companies have proof the product arrived safely. 

9. Perfume

When heated to extreme temperatures, perfumes often take on different scents which is unacceptable for companies wanting a consistent product. Climate controlled trucks ensure that each bottle smells the same when the product arrives. 

10. Penguins

When it comes time for penguins to move to a new zoo, they head out in a refrigerated trailer! The controlled temperatures make sure that the birds stay safe and comfortable on their way to a new home. Imagine reporting that load!

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