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Top Ten Reasons You Aren't Getting Those Trucking Jobs

Top Ten Reasons You Aren't Getting Those Trucking Jobs 

Have you had trouble getting a trucking job and want to know why? We have plenty of experience with the interviewing process, so we put together a cheat sheet for you on the top ten reasons why you might be getting turned down! 


1. You Have A Lot Of Travel Restrictions

You did realize that when you applied for a job at the trucking company, there was going to be trucking involved, right? We have clients from all over the United States, and we want to make not only a great work environment for you, but also for our customers—we need flexible people to do that! We will take great care of you, but if you're unwilling to drive in city traffic, it is going to be hard to find routes for you.

2. You Sound Like Shaggy With All Of The "It Wasn't Mes"

No matter the problem, that thing on your record has GOT to be another person with the same name. Because who would own up to their mistakes, am I right?  (For those too old retro to get this reference, Shaggy was a 00s rapper famous for his song, "It Wasn't Me"). 


3. You Won't Drive in Certain Conditions

We understand, it is never fun to drive in snow, rain, when it is anniversary of the day you adopted your dog, or on dates ending in even numbers because you're superstitious. 


4. Everybody Needs A Paycheck, But You're A Homebody 

It's hard to find the perfect balance between miles driven and time spent at home... but you have to at least try.

If I could get paid without working, that'd be great.

5. Trouble With The PoPo

We know everybody makes mistakes, but you should be honest with us. Don't act surprised or make excuses when we bring up your outstanding warrant. If you're running from the police, we're running from the police. 


6. Trouble With The PoPo: Chapter 2

If you've been told to complete the federally regulated substance abuse program, complete the federally regulated substance abuse program. Also, don't tell us you completed the program if you didn't. We have ways of knowing these things. 




7. You're Never Happy With A Job  

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Work is called work because it's supposed to be work, right? At K&J, we like to have fun, but we also have one of the lowest trucking company turnover rates nationwide. We want to make our drivers happy, but if you haven't been happy at any other job, we might not be able to make you happy either. 




8. There Are Big Gaps In Your Resume 

Maybe you won the lottery and quit your job to travel the world? That'd be great for you! But from our perspective you also could have been locked up in the penitentiary, or playing video games in your mom and dad's basement. That wouldn't be so great. 

9. Refusal To Take The Random Drug Test

We've been around the block a time or two—driving pun completely intended—we know what it means when you "forget" to complete your drug test. 

I don't always forget to turn in my random drug test, but when I do, it's because I was doing drugs.

10. You've Got A Victim Mentality 

We look at everything candidates say about their past employers in context. Did every previous employer really have it out for you? If we hire you, how do we know you're not going to blame us at the next interview? 




Did you read the list above and think you've got what it takes to be hired? Click the link above and prove it! We are hiring in the Sioux Falls, SD; Guymon, OK; and Kearney, NE areas!