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Trucking App Review: CAT Scale's Weigh My Truck


With all the technology now available to us, it is hard to know which options can really help and which are just time wasters. We are starting a new series this summer focused on trucker apps and technology to help you save time and money. 

Whether you are an owner operator or a company driver, Weigh My Truck is a free trucking app that will allow you to save time at the scale; and who doesn't want to do that? Instead of standing in line, you can grab your phone and sit in the comfort of your cab.

Getting Started

The first step is to register (it is free) with Weigh My Truck.  You will need to provide CAT with your email address so they can send you weigh tickets. You will also need to set up electronic payments so you don't have to leave your cab to pay for the weigh. CAT accepts PayPal, EFS and Comdata. Then download the free app (Google Play or Apple App Store) and log in. Thankfully you will only have to log in once as it will save your information!

Using the App 

When you arrive at the scale, open the app and confirm your location (make sure Location Services is enabled on your phone) or enter the CAT Scale number on the intercom sign. Then confirm your truck information (it pre-fills once you've entered the information once). After the weighmaster has checked that you are correctly on the scale, you will be weighed. You can immediately see your guaranteed weight on your smart phone screen. The app will also send you a PDF copy of your scale ticket by email. If you want a hard copy of the ticket you should see the attendant. 

   Weigh My Truck- screenshot

The Verdict

You can save quite a bit of time by not having to hop in and out of the truck multiple times to stand in line. One of our drivers mentioned that he regularly uses the app to shave 10-15 minutes of his weigh times. As anyone in trucking knows, time is money. Weigh my Truck by CAT is a great free app that helps save both.


What apps have helped you save time and money and stay sane as an owner operator on the road? Let us know and your idea could be featured in the next installment of our trucker app and technology reviews!

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