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Video: 90% of K&J Drivers are E-Log Equipped! Find Out How it's Going.

 We promise the eld mandate isn't as bad as you think

To the average person the switch to ELDs—or, Electronic Logging Devices—might not seem like a big deal. But in the trucking world, the E-Log Mandate has made some pretty big waves. And whether you like it or not, the switch to e-logs is happening... soon.

By December of this year, all trucks (with some exceptions) have to be equipped with the devices. At K&J Trucking, 90% of our drivers are already equipped with e-logs, and some of our customers are already requiring the devices.

We want to be completely transparent; we not only want our drivers to be comfortable with the eld mandate, but also want our customers to feel confident the trucker delivering their freight is trained correctly. 


Marketing Manager, John Kemp Explains the Transition:

Safety Director, Jennifer Raddatz Explains What This Means For Drivers:




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