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Wanna Connect with K&J Trucking? Here's How You Can

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Here at K&J, we always want to connect better with our drivers, our employees, our customers, and our blog readers! To do so, we've created two brand spankin' new features that will allow for a better and more cohesive connection with K&J. 

Check This Out First!

We'd first like to introduce you to (drum roll please) our referral form! We are just one of those companies who seriously cares about their drivers -  they're a part of our family! We've gotten a lot of feedback from our drivers that they knew of someone who they thought might be a good fit for our company, but didn't want to speak up because they didn't know them well enough to vouch for them.

Whether it's a guy you used to know or a woman you just met at a truck show, we want you to refer! And we want to make this referral process easy on you. In no way shape or form do we expect our drivers, or anyone, to vouch for others. If you want to, that's great! If you do vouch for or recommend someone and they don't work out? No sweat! We absolutely do not see that as a reflection on whoever referred them. 

We just want to start a conversation, and give away a free Vizio TV or cash prize - oh, did we not mention that yet? 

Check out our referral form, linked above, for more information!

Now Look at This!

This new feature we're especially proud of. On Facebook, under K&J's main page (which you can find here) we've added a little something extra for our drivers, and all drivers! We've christened it the "Helpful Trucker Hangout" and you're going to love it. This is a place where drivers and their family can share stories from the road, give tips and tricks, ask questions, shoot the breeze, or just hang out with other drivers and gain a sense of community. This is for all truck drivers, not just those who work for K&J. You can access the group from this link here, or you can find it by clicking this button here. 


We want this group to be a positive environment for drivers to communicate and share their stories, so we'd greatly appreciate it if this group could remain a clean, encouraging, and professional experience for everyone to enjoy. Invite your friends!

Come Connect with K&J!

We hope to see you using one or both of our new features, and can't wait to connect with you further! Also, if you want to be a part of the K&J family, don't be afraid to start a conversation with us! 

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