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6 Reasons That Summer is Great in a Truck

IMG_34676 Reasons Summer is Great in a Truck 

For a lot of folks summer is a time to take things easy, kick back, and relax. For truckers that isn't always the case. Those steaks and hamburgers don't drive themselves to the backyard barbecue, after all! While it is easy to get discouraged when you miss potluck meals and baseball games, there are some perks to being a trucker in the summer. Read on for some inspiration!

1. You Get to See Some Gorgeous Country

Summertime is one of the best times for sightseeing in this country. As truckers, we get a front row seat (literally) to some of God's greatest creations. We've had many drivers see the Rockies for the first time, visit coastal towns, and see amazing architecture!



2. Easy Commute

Truckers are blessed. We never have a rough summer commute... because we are like turtles and carry our home away from home around with us! There's no such thing as a bad commute into work for us, because there is no such thing as a commute! Unless you count walking from the sleeper berth to your seat. 

Sure, we miss time at home. But it definitely beats trying to keep up with the Joneses during rushhour!



3. Make Your Own Schedule

When you have family back home, being a trucker isn't always easy; but if you work for a company that puts families first, you can absolutely make time to be an involved parent and still be a great trucker.

Being an OTR driver gives you quite a lot of freedom. So while our friends with 9-5 jobs are stuck waiting for vacation, we have the ability to make our own schedule and enjoy the activities we love when we want.


4. You Have Time to Try New Things

During those many hours in the truck you can learn a new language, listen to podcasts, or catch up on the latest news or comedy on Sirius radio! And when you are stopped, you can get out and enjoy new climates and scenery, or even ride your bike, swim, hike or fish!


In fact, the picture below is from K&J driver, Rick G.!



5. You Get a Free (Partial) Tan

No need for a tanning bed when you're a trucker; at least not for the left side of your body! The sunlight gives us that nice summer glow for free. What other job offers free tanning all day every day?

But in all seriousness, wear sun protection! Vitamin D is amazing, but taking care of your skin is too!


6. Take Your Dog to Work Day Can Be An Everyday Occurrence

A lot of hip workplaces have started offering "take your dog to work" days in the summer when the weather is nice. What they don't realize is that we truckers have been doing this for years! There is nothing quite like getting paid to spend time listening to your favorite music with your dog while driving down the road! Sing as loud as you want!



Summer is a great time to be a driver with K&J! If you are tired of having boring summers with a lack of freedom, it might be time to consider trucking! We are always looking for great people to add to our team of amazing drivers! Click below to start the conversation! 

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