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10 Reasons to Drive for K&J

10 Reasons to Drive for K&J Trucking

We hear from a lot of drivers that are looking for trucking jobs. They all want to know the same thing. Why should I drive for K&J? Here are our answers to that question!

10. You join our family

Dave and Sharon Koch started K&J in 1979 and the company is still ran and operated by their children and grandchildren today. We truly understand the importance of family, and work hard to get you home on time to yours. You can even take a family member on the road with you if you want, including the four-legged kind!


9. Drivers are people, not numbers

Profits and efficiency are important to running any successful company, but nothing is more important to us than caring for our drivers—both on and off the road. Our staff works relentlessly to ensure that our equipment is maintained to help you reach your destination safely.


8. We provide career education and advancement opportunities

No matter if your goal is to grow as a company driver or transition to an owner-operator, we got you covered. Our very successful, non-predatory lease program to become an owner-operator has a success rate of 98%.


7. We offer great benefits

From satellite radio to lowered insurance premiums, we’ll get you connected with the best options available. We also pass along discounts to our owner operators on fuel, maintenance, parts, workers' compensations packages, and more.


6. Our team rocks

Our friendly office staff, dispatchers, safety personnel, wellness coaches, and mechanics are right at your fingertips and ready to provide assistance when you need us.


5. When we do well, you do well

Drivers are the foundation of our business and we do not take you for granted. That’s why when our company does well, we pass along the profits right back to our drivers and employees. 


4. We work with customers who care about drivers

The road can be stressful enough, so we have chosen to work with customers who understand the trucking industry and respect our drivers.


3. We care about your health

It can be difficult to stay healthy while on the road. That’s why we are here to help by providing a health coach and a personalized wellness plan to give you the tools you need to succeed. 


2. K&J is a top carrier

Our team works hard every day for our drivers and our customers, and it shows! We were recently named one of North America's Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For and Tyson Foods has given our drivers an exceptional rating, earning K&J a Tyson Foods Top Carrier award for the past five years running. Our drivers’ professionalism is also evident by their consistently low CSA scores. 


1. We love our drivers

We have very little turnover compared to our competitors. Why? We hire the best of the best, and we treat them well. We understand and appreciate the sacrifices you make while on the road, and are always here to listen to what you need. 

Bottom line: when our drivers are successful, our business is successful. You take care of us, and we promise to take care of you. After all, nothing moves without our drivers.


ready to join our family?

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