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3 Reasons You Should Work With Family Owned Trucking Companies

 Three Reasons You Should Work With Family Owned Trucking Companies - K&J Trucking

Deciding where to work in an industry with as many choices as trucking is difficult. While there are pros and cons for every option out there, working at family owned trucking companies is arguably the best! Here are three (of many) reasons why working as part of a family is the best option for truckers.


1. You Become Part of the Family

In large trucking companies, drivers become more of a number than a name; but when you work for a small trucking company, the people you work with become family. Family comes first, which means your boss cares about you. And because they care about you, they will be more in touch with each driver’s needs. You will be able to communicate directly with the people determining your schedule, ensuring the best possible outcome for everybody involved.

2. Family Owned Trucking Companies Have Less Red Tape 

Nobody gets overlooked in a small trucking company. Because decisions aren't made by  a board that doesn't realistically understand what you do, or a CEO you’ve never met, your voice can be heard. In addition, decisions are often made quickly and carefully by people who know the company inside and out. Without red tape blocking every change, more gets done efficiently and effectively, positively impacting day-to-day operations.

3. They Won't Grow Too Big Too Fast

Have you ever worked for a company that only focuses on growing their business? When businesses grow too big too fast, their company drivers and owner operators often become a smaller part of the growing operation. Each time the company gets bought out, new changes disrupt the flow for long-time employees. Family owned trucking companies are just that: companies who understand the benefits of remaining family owned and operated. Keeping a business in a family creates a company culture unique to the members of that family.


At K&J Trucking we pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, and believe there are many benefits to creating a family throughout our company. Click below to read why K&J Trucking should be your next family! 

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