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4 Patriotic Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About OTR Drivers

4 Patriotic Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About OTR Drivers - K&J Trucking

It is the FOURTH of July and to celebrate, we wanted to give you FOUR fast facts about trucker patriotism for all our OTR drivers!

1. 36% of OTR drivers have served in the military

We always say  that America runs on truckers! And truckers are some of the most patriotic individuals you will meet. Right? One of the reasons that trucking affects so many former service members is because the skill set needed for trucking is quite similar to the skill set needed for a successful military career: being teachable, being dedicated, learning quickly, and being willing to sacrifice time away from family and friends. 


2. 90% of OTR drivers are registered voters

Truckers care about American politics and want to see laws enacted that help rather than hurt the transportation industry. 50% of drivers are registered as members of the Republican Party and upwards of 80% voted in the last election! 


3. 53% of OTR drivers have contacted an elected official about a policy

One of the things that we appreciate most about our drivers at K&J Trucking is that they are willing  to share their expertise and wisdom from being out on the road and doing the work of the transportation industry. We love that drivers are taking a stand for the issues they care about! 


4. 70% of American freight is transported by truck, in some areas of the country that number is even higher

Without dedicated OTR drivers Americans wouldn't have 70% of their fireworks, hot dogs, festive outfits or flags! So if you are a driver, thank you for all you do to make America a wonderful place to live and raise families. And if you aren't a trucker, get out there and thank one! 


Data taken from ooida.com

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