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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Trucking Job

 5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Trucking Job - K&J Trucking

A few weeks ago we posted a blog with the top ten reasons why you aren't getting those trucking jobs you apply for. Now that you know the red flags of what you shouldn't do, here's some reminders of things employers look for in drivers that will land you your dream job with the perfect trucking company! 

1. Don't Lie

Things are never, ever off your record. Make things easier for yourself and for us by telling the truth. Just because you don't mention your DUI doesn't mean we won't find out about your DUI. Just because the insurance company doesn't see a ticket/citation after 7 years, doesn't meant trucking companies don't see them. Even if you've had something expunged from your record it will still show on your criminal background check, so please disclose all information. In most cases it won't prohbit you from getting a job, but dishonesty might!


2. Communication is Key 

We know things can change in an instant. Coming in for your interview and stuck behind an extremely slow-moving train? Call and let us know. Did you find another job after you've already applied with us? Make sure to let us know so that the possibility of reapplying is there. Most hiring managers at trucking companies are understanding if you make it a priority to communicate!


3. Prove You're Able to Stay Steady 

Do your best to develop a good work history. If you are looking for your ideal job, stability in previous jobs is crucial. If you stay with companies for at least a year—preferably two—before moving to a new company, it shows us that you are dependable. 

You left every company you've worked for after a month, but that's none of my business.

4. Don't be a Yes-(Wo)man

Do you want to end up like Jim Carey in Yes Man? Probably not. We don't want you to be miserable. If we hire you, that means we want you to stay and we want you to be happy! Don't just be agreeable with every part of the job description during the interview if it truly doesn't fit you. That will just result in you being unhappy. Be honest with yourself and with the trucking company. 


5. Have Realistic Expectations 

And remember: even if you're lucky enough to find close to the perfect fit, everyone has bad days. Sometimes turning your alarm off and going back to bed will sound so much more rewarding than going to work. But getting out on the open road is a feeling like no other. One bad day doesn't mean it's a bad job! 

Finds dream job; quits.


Think you have what it takes to start your perfect trucking job at K&J? Let's talk. 

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