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7 Photos Only OTR Drivers Will Understand


Being an OTR driver is a hard job, so it is good to have fun every once and a while. We hope these photos make you smile and remind you not to take life too seriously. 

1. Am I Really An Adult?


Is there anything that makes kids think you are cool quite like explaining that as a trucker you still get to sleep in a bunk bed? Nope. There isn't. Trucking is awesome, but they might not invite you back for career day...


2. Redefining Hard-work...



Hearing others whine about their crazy hours is something that annoys OTR drivers. Why? Because trucking has crazy hours and yet we couldn't imagine doing anything else. 


3. Best Day Ever



There is nothing quite like the rush of passing a closed scale. After all, truckers like to be on the road, right?


4. Teacher was WRONG!



Oh if your high school career counselor could see you now! They would probably be jealous that you get to log more miles in a day then they see in months. And you get paid to do your favorite thing!


4. Being At Home is Rough



The struggle is real, right? Maybe that's why so many truckers want to drive big trucks when they are at home.


5. Pickup Trucks Aren't Trucks...



Enough said, right?


7. Those Adorable Kids...



If you don't honk the horn when you see a kid pumping their arm, you are stronger than we are.