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5 Reasons We Think The Easter Bunny MUST Be a Refrigerated Truck Driver

5 Reasons We Think The Easter Bunny MUST Be a Refrigerated Truck Driver - K&J TruckingWe've been doing some thinking this week, and we are sure that the Easter bunny just HAS to be a refrigerated truck driver! Here are just five of our reasons...

1. He has ridiculously high expectations for himself...

Delivering Easter goodness to all the children of the world? That's a pretty tall order. It sounds like the kind of thing only a trucker could possibly deliver. 


2. Yet he always manages to deliver on time.

Have you ever heard of someone getting an Easter basket late? Of course not. That kind of efficiency can only mean one thing... he is a trucker!


3. He can't say no to adorable kid requests.

One more piece of candy? Sure! And what truck driver can resist an adorable kid requesting the air horn? No one.


4. His deliveries would obviously require refrigeration. 

With a load filled with eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Reese's peanut butter eggs, we know that bunny is definitely pulling a refrigerated trailer.


5. Once he delivers, he doesn't stay in the limelight.

You don't see the Easter bunny much when his services aren't required. Our guess is that he is a lot like a trucker. When he is off-duty he is busy helping out in his bunny community and not taking credit for it.


Happy Easter From K&J Trucking!

Everybody loves the Easter Bunny, but of course the true celebration this weekend is the Resurrection. He is risen! He is risen indeed. We are thankful for the hope and JOY of that reminder. May you all have a blessed Easter, whether on the road, or with your family. 

And be sure to take some time to thank the Easter Bunny  a refrigerated truck driver for taking time away from his or her family to ensure you can enjoy time with yours. 


We obviously like to have fun around here! If you want to know more about K&J Trucking, click below to see why our drivers love us, and why we love them! Also, we are hiring!

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