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Owner Operator Tips: 1 Simple Thing Every Driver Needs to Succeed

Owner Operator Tips: 1 Simple Thing Every Driver Needs to Succeed

There are plenty of blogs out there about how to be a successful driver; there are tons of videos and how-to posts giving owner operator tips. But what if we boiled all of that down to one simple tip? Well, we did just that. Really, this isn't just an owner operator tip, it is for all drivers. 

What is One Simple Thing Every OTR Driver Needs to Succeed?



Support from Companies

Drivers deserve more than being just another number at their trucking company. Each driver has family and friends who count on him or her. They have pets and a home. They have interests and hobbies and passions. Trucking companies need to see truckers as whole people not just numbers and not liabilities. Shippers and receivers need to remember that drivers are whole people too, not just line items leading to their bottom line. 

Support from their Family and Friends

Trucking is hard. It is a profession that gets very little respect, when in reality it is probably the number one profession that keeps this country running every day. Without support it is all too easy for drivers to burn out and give up, or to forget to care for themselves because they are too busy trying to keep up with the pace of their job. Having supportive family and friends acts as a reminder to drivers that they need to practice self-care and take time for themselves. Many times it is that support from family and friends that keeps a trucker on the road when he would rather give up. 

Support from Their Community

Somewhere along the line, truckers got a bad wrap. Communities need to start supporting drivers again. On a practical level, without truckers our cities would very quickly shut down. Food shortages would set in virtually overnight. But on a philosophical level truck drivers are some of the best, hardest working people around. Sure, there are some bad apples, but most drivers are upstanding members of their community. Our communities need to stand with truckers.


If you are a truck driver, or if you love a truck driver, spread the word...

Truck drivers need support! 

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