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Becoming an Owner Operator - Dan's Video Story

Becoming an Owner Operator - Dan's Video Story

Dan Cameron started at K & J Trucking over 16 years ago. Shortly after becoming an owner operator with K & J his dad received a difficult diagnosis that affected Dan's ability to stay in the truck. Here is Dan's story: why he came to K & J, why he chose to lease a truck, and why he has stayed for 16 years. 

Becoming an Owner Operator


For Dan and his wife Laurie, K & J Trucking has been true family. Dan said over and over again that the biggest differentiator at K & J is "they do what they say they will do."

Authenticity, stability, expertise, and flexibility. These are the things that made K & J great when Dan started 16 years ago and they are the things that continue to define who we are and how we treat our drivers. That's why Dan, Laurie and so many others have stayed. 


The path to becoming an owner operator is different for everyone, but it helps when you have a stable company with the expertise to back you up. We love to work with owner operators to lower your costs, raise your income, and help you see the big picture. We even have lease programs available! We would love to share our process, hear your story, and see if we are a good fit. 

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