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8 Fabulous Dog Breeds to Take With You On the Road

8 Fabulous Dog Breeds to Take With You On the Road.png

Traveling is always better with a companion, and dogs make the best companions for truckers! We've compiled a list of a few breeds that tend to do very well on the road. Did your favorite pooch make the list?

1. Chihuahua


There is a reason this tiny dog is one of the most popular toy breeds. They are small but have tons of personality. Most Chihuahuas are fairly even-tempered and are usually hotel friendly if you decide to spring for an overnight stay. Because they are small, they easily share space with you; but you may have to help them exit your truck so they don't injure their backs. 

2. Bulldogs


Whether you go for the traditional English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or a Standard Bulldog, these loving pups are a great choice for life on the road. Bulldogs are notoriously low-energy  so they make a great companion during the long, lazy days on the road. These dogs require minimal exercise, but they will still force you to get out of your truck and smell the roses (or diesel). Just be aware that these breeds do better in more temperate climates. They can struggle in the constant heat of some southern states. 

3. Pitbulls & Boxers


Yes, we know these are separate breeds but they are often lumped together because they share many of the same characteristics. In fact, these breeds often get mixed up in shelters. Even thought Pitbulls and Boxers get a bad wrap, they are some of the most gentle and loving dogs you will find. We've heard from several female truckers that they love this breed for the intimidation factor. Boxers and pits tend to be medium to high energy, so they are a constant reminder to stop and stretch your legs! 

4. Poodles of All Sizes


There are a lot of designer Poodle breeds that have cropped up in the last 20 years. Whether you choose a Standard Poodle, a Miniature Poodle, or a newer breed like the Golden Doodle, you will definitely enjoy these dogs on the road. Poodles are known as being hypoallergenic and non-shedding, so they are a good option for those with mild allergies. They are smart, gentle, and stubborn, with a definite playful streak; but they do struggle with separation anxiety, so be aware!



This breed was quite literally bred to be a lapdog, so they make great companions for long journeys. They are smart and love to play games, yet they don't require much exercise. If you let them run a bit on their leash they will be perfectly content. Havanese dogs love people, but not always new people. This can mean that barking becomes an issue. Some report that this breed is difficult to housetrain, although this is certainly not a universal experience. 

6. Retrievers


Whether you love Labs or Goldens, these dogs are well known for their superior bonding to their companions and their loving natures. Retrievers do require a fair amount of exercise when young. Be sure to allow extra time to let them run and play fetch; after all, they are retrievers! 

Chewing is a temptation for this breed, so you may want to keep a stockpile of fun toys to switch out when you make stops. This should keep them from attacking your favorite boots! Retrievers are an easy choice for drivers who also enjoy hunting as they can serve as both road and hunting companions. 

7. Shitzu


If you want a loyal dog, this is your breed. They can be a bit territorial which can be great if you want an alert dog, but difficult if you are looking for a welcoming dog. Shitzus are small, sturdy and generally less prone to barking than many small breeds. Because of their long hair, they do require frequent brushing and trims. This also helps their eyes to stay healthy. Older dogs may deal with poor eyesight, but with proper vet care this generally does not affect their overall quality of life. 

8. Shelter Dogs


The breeds above are all great, but one of the very best things you can do is head to your local shelter. Sure, most of the dogs there don't have fancy pedigree, but they make up for it in unconditional love. Another benefit to shelter dogs is that they are usually fully grown so you have a chance to truly see their true personality.

Most shelters will be happy to accommodate you if you want to see how your pup does getting in and out of the rig. One thing is for sure, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of providing a loving home to an animal in need!


If you're looking for a new pet, we hope this list helps you narrow down your search! Dogs aren't just companions, they are friends! If you're looking for a company that LOVES dogs, you've come to the right place!

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