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How to Stay Organized as an Owner Operator

How to Stay Organized As An Owner Operator  

When you buy a truck and become an owner operator you don't just buy a truck, you buy a business. And when you own a business you have to stay organized. Here are some business organization suggestions for all owner operators.

Stay on top of receipts and finances

Some owner operators have mini-filing systems that they keep on the road with them, others do their tracking electronically and have small scanners to scan and file receipts. Whichever you choose, be consistent. The DOT, your accountant and your pocketbook will thank you.  

Plan for the season

No matter the season, you have to plan for it. If winter is coming, know your protocol for using autosocks or chains. Make sure you have them with you when you need them. If it is summer, make sure your batteries are in top shape. Summer is hard on batteries and being sidelined costs you money. As an owner operator you have to learn to look out for yourself and plan ahead. 

Keep directions and contact information handy

Whether you store this information electronically or in hard copy is up to you, but keep track of those contact numbers. Make notes on your shippers and receivers to help jog your memory on your next run. Keep phone numbers handy in case of an emergency or delay.

Plan where to fuel and don’t forget taxes

Know where you are going and where you will fuel before you start driving. This is vital to your success. Look at all the fuel discounts for the day, account for taxes and decide the best places to fuel up. Planning ahead allows you to look at actual numbers (don't forget taxes!) rather than assuming you are getting a good deal or waiting until the last minute and paying through the nose. 


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