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Why South Dakota Trucking Companies Are The Best

Why South Dakota Trucking Companies are the Best

South Dakota is way more than just Mt. Rushmore! Our motto is "Great Faces. Great Places." and there are plenty of reasons why. South Dakota is one of the best states in the nation for small businesses, and that includes the trucking industry. We think South Dakota trucking companies are the best. Here are just five reasons why. 

1. Working for a South Dakota trucking company means no state income tax.

Need we say more? We don't think so! Taxes take a huge chunk of your profits as an owner operator. Less so if you work with a South Dakota trucking company. 

2. South Dakota trucking companies are typically smaller companies.

There are no mega fleets in South Dakota. Most trucking companies here are small and family owned. Smaller trucking companies mean more personalized attention and greater loyalty to you as their driver. 

3. We have a lot less traffic in South Dakota. 

Open road for miles. No real rush hour to speak of. A trucker could get used to this!

4. Smaller market means better relationships with federal enforcement agencies.

When federal agencies only deal with a handful of South Dakota trucking companies on a daily basis, they get to know you. This means that we are able to have honest and open communication when issues arise. And that can make all the difference to a trucker's bottom line. 

5. Forget Minnesota. It is all about South Dakota Nice!

One of the main reasons to love living in our state is the great people. People in South Dakota are generally quite kind, helpful and common. Not dumb, but common. We aren't jaded by the fast pace of life in more populated states. And with only 750,000 people in the state, you're always seeing someone you know.


Are you interested in working for a trucking company that is small enough to care about you and large enough to take great care of you? 

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