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K&J Trucking Acquires Midwest Continental, Inc.

MCI Aquisition Graphic

The K&J family is growing! On November 1, 2022, K&J officially acquired Sioux City, Iowa-based Midwest Continental, Inc. (MCI), a move which joins two long-time family-owned Midwestern trucking companies.

“We are so excited to welcome MCI and were instantly impressed with the MCI team and their commitment to the same core values we are known for at K&J,” K&J President Shelley Koch says. “Growth through acquisition is something that only makes sense when there is a strategic alignment. I feel that alignment with MCI. We are excited for what the future brings.”

K&J Trucking acquires Midwest Continental, Inc. Pictured from left to right: Josh Schipper, Brad Schipper, Shelley Koch-Schipper, Dan Schipper, Dave Frank, Debi Weaver, Dick Frank.

mci history

MCI was founded in 1969 by Dick and Beverly Frank, with the four Frank children—Dick, Dave, Barbara, and Debi—taking over business operations in 1987, something that had never been the plan for the kids. Despite each of them having established different careers elsewhere, when they returned home to spend time with their ailing father, they ended up staying put in Sioux City to run MCI.

“Dad drove truck until I was born, so he knew first-hand how important of a job drivers have,” says Dick Frank. “He always wanted us here at the office to make sure they were taken care of.”

Dave Frank echoes his brother’s sentiments. “Dad always said: truly listen to your drivers and you’ll have success.”

Today, Dick and Dave have transitioned to the K&J team, while Debi has retired to spend more time with her family. Barbara left MCI 25 years ago to join the Chamber in Sioux City as Vice President.

family legacy

Shelley strongly relates to MCI’s generational story. K&J was founded by her parents, Dave and Sharon Koch, in 1979. Over the years, nearly every member of the Koch family has worked at K&J in some capacity. And still today you will see many members of the family in the office and shop: Shelley’s husband Brad Schipper, their children Josh, Dan, and Jess, and daughter-in-law Leslie all hold roles at the company. In addition, K&J is lucky to have many long-term employees and drivers who have become family over the years.

“We are comfortable with K&J because we see that they treat their employees with the same level of respect and care that we do, a legacy our parents left us.” Former MCI president Debi Weaver says. “We are excited that our drivers who were always an important part of our family are now going to be an important part of the K&J family.”

a new chapter

Throughout its 50+ year history, MCI has been a well-respected refrigerated carrier, making the company a great fit with K&J. But, still, change can be scary.

“It’s challenging, exciting, nerve-wracking – all of these emotions all at once,” explains Dave Frank.

“After 21 years at MCI, I was worried. I didn’t know what to expect. But when I came over to K&J, everybody took me under their wing and took care of me. They made me feel a part of the family days into joining their team,” driver Brian Remington says on the transition from MCI to K&J. “When I walk in the door, everybody knows who I am, everybody knows my name. I love working with the mechanics in the shop, and the office staff is amazing, they are so understanding. I really can't say enough good things about K&J. I love them already.”

We are so excited to welcome MCI to our team!