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Meet Biskit the Furry Co-Pilot...and Her Trucker Dave

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K & J just hosted a cutest furry co-pilot contest. The winner got $100 and a blog post all about them, and their owner! Our winning pet was Biskit from Hillsboro, TX.

We did our best to conduct the interview with Biskit herself, and she was all ears but had very little to say. So we turned to her owner, Dave Watson for the details. 

Tell us a little about yourself.Biskit-next-to-wheel.jpg

My name is Dave. I have a 24-year-old daughter, 21-year-old son, and a 13-year-old step-son. I’ve been married to my wife for 5 years. Hobbies? Ha! Well, my hobby is trucking! But I also like fixing up trucks and I have a couple of pickups. I love horses. My daughter and I have a horse addiction. She is an animal lover like me. She would keep every animal she runs across if she could... and honestly I’m the same way.

How long have you been trucking?

I’ve been driving for 28 years all in all.

Have you had other dogs?

I’ve always had some kind of dog at home. My daughter loves animals. I have a bloodhound at home. He is too big to truck with me though with that lethal tail! We live in the country so I like to have a dog. Now that I have Biskit, my wife has decided she wants a blue heeler that will stay at home with her.

Have you trucked with other dogs?

I’ve never really trucked long-term with a dog. I had a dog that I intended to truck with years ago, but after about a month we stopped trucking together. But a little while back I just decided that I’ve always had a dog but never one with me on the truck and I wanted a dog with me. If you truck like i have there are lots of lonely miles Biskit-and-truck.jpgwhether daytime or nighttime. She has helped me get through the miles. 

Why did you pick this dog? How did you get him/her?

The pastor at my church had a dog with some puppies. I’ve always had blue heelers. My pastor sent me some pictures and I had wanted a blue, but hers was the first picture I saw. Those diamond eyes sold me. I looked at all the other puppy pictures he sent, but I knew she was the one.

Where did you come up with her name?

I had her name picked out before I even got her. I have a bunch of buddies that say “We been riding a while it is time to stop and get a biscuit.” I thought, “Biskit! That’s a good dog name!”

Have you been training Biskit?Biskit-in-truck.jpg

We are working on sitting and staying. She is a people-loving dog and wants to please. She had fun playing with kids at one of my last stops.

What is your favorite thing about Biskit?

She is just a good dog. Even though she is still a puppy she has only had one accident in the truck, and that was on a mat that was easy to clean. People probably get tired of me posting pictures on Facebook because I post pics of
 her everyday. But she is a camera hog! She will pose all the time but if you don’t take your chance and snap a picture she will run off and do something else!

She helps slow me down on long stretches of road and I pull over and kill time playing with her. I left her at home for a local-run one day and I didn’t know what to do with myself! Everyone around here knows her and was asking about her. A lot of my stops have gotten so used to me having her that if I don’t bring her they get disappointed. They even keep treats for her! When we drive, she knows where we are and gets up in the seat and anticipates her favorite stops.


Well that is one cute co-pilot, Dave. Thanks to all who participated in our cutest furry co-pilot contest! If you are looking for a pet-friendly trucking company that treats you well, we have positions available!

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