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Moving to Sioux Falls? Trucking Could Be For You!

Moving to Sioux Falls? Trucking Could Be For You! - K&J Trucking

Sioux Falls is all over the national news right now with the recent USA Today Report that we are in the Top 10 Happiest Places to Live in the United States! Well at K&J we already knew that Sioux Falls was pretty awesome. That's why we've been here for almost 40 years! But if you are new to town and you're looking for employment, you might just want to consider trucking. Here's why.

Trucking Lets You See the World

When you're in a truck, you get to see all parts of the United States. What other job can do that? As one of our drivers, Larry Van Driesen says, "I feel like I've been paid to be on vacation for the last 51 years." If you enjoy traveling and driving, trucking is an awesome career path. 


We Love Second-Career Truckers

We have a lot of drivers at K&J Trucking who were in other careers before they considered trucking. We are a great option for someone looking for a second career; and we love our older drivers just as much as our young ones. Trucking is a great option for retired military personnel, especially if you have experience with heavy machinery. Becoming an OTR driver doesn't have to be a hard or long process, you just have to set your mind to it. And we love working with dedicated individuals, even if you don't have a ton of experience under your belt. Mindset is everything. If you fit with our K&J Trucking culture, we will make sure you get the training you need to be a successful driver.


Trucking Lets You Be Independent

Most of our drivers start out as company drivers at some point in their careers. So in this case, they are not their own boss. But at the same time, when you are out alone in a vehicle, you are able to have a lot of independence. This is an attractive part of a career in the trucking industry. If you choose to become an owner operator and own your own truck then you have even more freedom (but you also have more bills, so make sure you are ready). 


You Have Job Security

There is a saying in the refrigerated trucking business: Everyone needs to eat, right? As long as people eat, people will need a way to get food to the store. That's where refrigerated trailers come in. Because we can haul so many different kinds of products, we are a necessary and fairly stable part of the economy. For K&J, our location in the center of the country and the epicenter of agriculture, allows us to have even more marketability for our services to companies looking to ship goods.


We are in The Best City

Sioux Falls is a healthy, growing and lively city that just keeps getting better and better. With epic growth year after year, this is a wonderful community to invest in. If you start a trucking career out of Sioux Falls, you and your family will reap the benefits. With a low cost-of-living, wonderful amenities, and four lovely seasons, it is obvious why Sioux Falls landed at number 5 on the top ten list of happiest places to live.


Whether you are new to Sioux Falls, trucking could be for you! Whether you're new to town or a long-time local, if you want to learn more about K&J Trucking, click below! We are currently looking for regional, intermediate and long-haul drivers in the Sioux Falls, SD; Kearney, NE; and Guymon, OK areas.

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