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Operation Safe Driver Week Happening July 11-17, 2021

Operation Safe Driver Week

Mark your calendars and set your cruise control to the speed limit: the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week will be happening July 11-17 this year, with a focus on speeding.

During this week, law enforcement will be significantly increasing their surveillance on drivers - passenger or commercial - who are driving unsafely around commercial motor vehicles. To send a message that risky behaviors will not be tolerated, warnings and citations will be issued for violations, including:

  • speeding
  • distracted driving 
  • reckless/aggressive driving
  • improper lane changes
  • following too closely
  • not wearing a seatbelt
  • driving under the influence
  • failure to obey traffic signs

Given the preliminary data calculated by the National Safety Council (NSC) for 2020, it seems some drivers could use a reminder that safety needs to be the top priority. The NSC’s estimates show that even though there was 13% less roadway travel in 2020 due to the pandemic, there was still a 24% increase in traffic fatalities nationwide. This is the largest year-over-year increase of fatalities the NSC has seen in 96 years.

At K & J, we are proud of the safety record of our truck drivers and we welcome anything that gets more drivers to pay attention! Let’s work together to make our roads a safe place for everyone, not only this week but throughout the year. Slow down, remain calm, and put down your cell phone. Your life - and the lives of your fellow drivers - depends on it.


Operation Safe Driver Week began in 2007 to curb high-risk driving behavior and reduce roadway crashes and fatalities. CVSA has partnered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for the week-long safety initiative, which is also supported by the motor carrier industry and transportation safety organizations. 

Information about local Operation Safe Driver Week events in your area can be found here. 


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