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Are You Ready? RoadCheck 2021 Is May 4 - 7

Roadcheck 2021-2

If you've been having trouble with your lights or your logbook, now is the time to fix it! The CVSA or Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has selected May 4-6, 2021 as the dates for the International Roadcheck. 

If you aren't familiar with the roadcheck, it is a time where commercial motor vehicle inspectors from the US, Canada, and Mexico all conduct extra inspections on CMVs. The goal of the program is to keep unsafe commercial motor vehicles and drivers off our roadways.

How Do I Know If I Have Been Selected?

If you have a PrePass system in your truck and you are coming up on a scale, follow the red or green light as you normally would. But beware, not all checkpoints are set up at scales.

Pay extra attention when you come up on a mobile checkpoint. While some of them may be set up to use PrePass, many will not. Follow the direction of signs in the area and be courteous of other drivers.

Whatever you do, don't avoid these inspections! There are hefty fines associated with trying to avoid or bypass inspection checkpoints. 

A Focus on Lights and Logs

Each year the CVSA chooses a focus of their inspections. This year they are putting extra attention on lights and hours of service, or as we say, lights and logs! This does not mean that lights and logs are all they inspect. They will conduct a full DOT inspection with you if you are chosen.

Transferring Logs

If you are inspected you will need to know how to transfer your logs to the officer. For those who use PeopleNet as your ELD system like we do at K & J, you can follow this video tutorial on how to transfer your logs. 


Extra Log Sheets

The officer may also ask to see 8 days of blank paper logs. You are required to carry these logs with you in case of an ELD malfunction. Extra log sheets can be obtained through your company or at a truck stop. 

ELD Manual 

Did you know you're required to carry an instruction manual for your ELD device? Officers may ask for this as a part of their inspection. If you do not have a paper copy in the truck with you, you can access that manual on an electronic device to meet the mandate.

With PeopleNet, the manual is loaded onto the device itself so you always have it with you! For instructions on how to access the PeopleNet manual on your device, watch the video below.


How to Act During an Inspection

Be professional, kind, and courteous. Officers are just regular people wearing uniforms. If you treat them well, it will go much better for you.

If you feel you are being written a ticket unfairly, do not be confrontational. The company you work with can and will appeal the result if necessary. Calmly ask for clarification on any violations so you can explain them to your company's safety personnel correctly and with full understanding. 


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