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Top 10 Trucking Songs of All Time

Top 10 Trucking Songs of All Time (2)

Trucking has certainly inspired its fair share of music over the years. There is something poetic about the beauty of the countryside and the sacrifices of so many dedicated drivers that has made for some of the greatest music of all time.We decided to ask two members of the K&J family to share their all time favorite trucking songs; one is old-school and the other is a youngin'. From haunting lyrics to driving beats, let's see what they came up with!

Note: You can listen to each song one by one, or scroll to the bottom and listen to our YouTube or Spotify playlists!

Cody's List (The Youngin')

Cody grew up in a trucking family, so working in the industry was a natural career choice for him. After driving for several years he moved into dispatch and now works in marketing and logistics for K&J. As a 30-something, here are his top 5 trucking songs of all time! 


5. Highway Junkie - Gary Allan 

This is a classic, crooning breakup song with many amazing trucking puns! "Them big wheels of rubber gonna rub her offa my mind..."


4. Chicken Lights And Chrome - Jesse Watson 

A guy and his love for his cherry red rig with the chrome and lights. Need we say more? 


3. Roll On 18 Wheeler - Alabama

This is a classic trucking song, and a tearjerker (with a happy ending), all the things good songs should be. 


2. I'm A Road Hammer - The Road Hammers 

A great country song that is full of diesel-toughness and a driving beat.


1. Asphalt Cowboy - Jason Aldean

"Born to run underneath the stars, pay no mind to my lonely heart..." Loneliness, love, and longing. All the good makings of a great country trucking song. 



John's List (The Oldie But Goodie)

John has been working in the administrative side of trucking for a few years. He is currently serving as the marketing manager for K&J; but his roots are as a trucker on the open road. He brings the old school perspective to this top 10. See if you agree with his top 5 trucking songs!


5. 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses - Kathy Mattea

Many have recreated this masterpiece of trucking music, but none have done it better. 


4. Convoy by CW McCall

This song uses so much trucker slang, how can anyone with a heart for the road possibly dislike it? CONVOOOOOY!


3. Give Me 40 Acres - The Willis Brothers

The humor of this song resonates with anyone who has ever had to navigate tight corners in their rig. Who doesn't wish for an acre or two when in those situations?


2. (This one is a tie) Phantom 309 - Red Sovine

Slightly creepy yet caring and warm, right? 


Teddy Bear - Red Sovine

This will have you in tears... unless you have no heart. 


1. 6 Days on the Road - Dave Dudley

This is one of the more recognizable trucking songs OF ALL TIME, right?! While we don't advocate "taking little white pills"  or "dodging scales", any trucker can understand the sentiment!


Our YouTube Playlist

Want to hear these songs again and again on shuffle? Here is a YouTube playlist of K&J's Top 10 Trucking Songs of All Time, along with a few extra honorable mentions.  



Our Spotify List

Prefer Spotify while you're OTR? Enjoy our favorite trucking songs available on Spotify. Note: there were a few songs we had to omit from this list as not all were available on the service, but we added some other honorable mentions!

Let the music play! Who nailed their list, Cody or John? What songs would you add to our lists? Let us know in the comments below! Want more fun, educational, and inspiring content? Subscribe to our blog for updates, right in your inbox.
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