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Trucking App Review: TruckerPath


Are there weigh stations open ahead? Truck stops? Where is available parking? TruckerPath is an app that works on your smart phone to keep you in the know. We give you the lowdown on all that this app can do.

Find Parking and Weigh Stations

Sure there are 500 spots at your next stop, but how many are open now? TruckerPath uses real-time reporting to help you avoid the frustrating search for parking. It can also locate open parking near a dropped pin on the map. You can customize the pin drop to your exact delivery location and get suggestions about where you might park nearby. 

With TruckerPath you can view the locations and ratings of rest stops, truck washes, hotels, dealerships, trailer manufacturers and specialized service stations. It even includes gas prices, helping you save money. 


User-Friendly Interface

The easy to use interface means that more truckers use this app than competing apps. You can easily update the app on whether weigh stations are open or closed, and whether parking is "Lots of Spots, Some Spots, or Lot is Full." Of course, the more truckers logging information, the more accurate the system. So you may find that this app is most useful in larger metropolitan areas as there are more truckers logging their data with the app.




TruckerPath is a valuable resource to have in your arsenal as an owner operator or company driver. Download it today from the App Store or get it on Google Play

What trucking apps have helped you save time and money and stay sane as an owner operator on the road? Let us know and your idea could be featured in the next installment of our trucker app and technology reviews!

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