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[Video] Celebrating K&J Drivers for Truck Driver Appreciation Week


This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and while we think that should be every single week of the year, we are still celebrating here at K&J Trucking! We always do our best to celebrate our drivers and staff, but we wanted to go a little further and make a video to celebrate the amazing drivers we are blessed to know and call family. 

To Our Drivers,

We want you to know that we see you.

We see the times that you miss a football game for your son because your unloading took longer than expected.

We see the weeks where you don't make it home to kiss your spouse goodnight.

We see the holidays and family gatherings you choose to miss because you have a commitment to doing your job well.

We hear the frustration you experience with bad drivers, lack of truck stop parking, and e-logs. And we stand with you as you fight the misconceptions that society holds about your important, but often disrespected, profession. 

You are our family. We promise to always treat you as such.

Across the miles and whatever comes next, we're here for you. 

Your K&J Family 


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