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5 Reasons You Should Work for a South Dakota Refrigerated Trucking Company

Five Reasons You Should Work for a South Dakota Refrigerated Trucking Company

If you are considering a new trucking job, working for a South Dakota refrigerated trucking company is a great career move. Here are 5 reasons you should consider a reefer company like K&J Trucking. 

1. People Will Always Need to Eat

Supply and demand is everything in the trucking industry. And while refrigerated carriers haul a LOT more than just food, food is a big part of what we do. People will always need to eat and refrigerated trucks aren't going anywhere any time soon. 

2. Small and Family-Owned 

Most South Dakota refrigerated trucking companies are small and family owned. This means that you're more than a number to us, you are what makes or breaks our business! And because we know you personally, we also make a commitment to being good to you and making sure you are still able to see your family and be present for important events. Big trucking companies might try to promise that, but can they really deliver?

3. No Income Tax

South Dakota is one of a handful of states with no income tax. This benefits truckers greatly. While it won't completely alieviate all your tax burden, it does help you out. Basing your trucking business out of South Dakota could be one of your best career moves. 

4. Closer to the Product 

What kinds of things are shipped on reefer trucks most frequently? Food items. In South Dakota we are centrally located and near meat processing facilities as well as large agricultural producers. Being close to the source means we get more loads than competitors who are based out of the coasts. 

5. Great Quality of Life

The quality of life in South Dakota is great. It is a wonderful place to raise a young family and a beautiful place to retire. No matter what your season of life, you can appreciate the lower cost of living, lower rate of crime and wonderful educational system that you'll find in South Dakota. 


If you're looking for a career move it might just be time to consider a South Dakota refrigerated trucking company like K&J Trucking. Click below, enter in some basic information and we can start a conversation to see if K&J Trucking is the right fit for you!

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