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New Year, New You - 3 Resolutions for OTR Drivers

New Year, New You - 3 Resolutions for OTR Drivers

The new year is upon us and January is always the time for making (and breaking) resolutions. At K&J Trucking, we have a vested interest in OTR drivers, so we have some resolutions we think you should consider as you make goals for the New Year!

1. Get Active 

This year take control of your health. Sitting in a truck as an OTR driver feels easy, but sitting is actually really hard on your body. Make a commitment to getting more active this year. Take a walk around the truck stop. Walk as a way to reenergize during a break, or ask for one of our foldable bikes and use it to get a little exercise. We offer them to you for free! Even just some daily stretches can make a huge difference in how you feel. 


2. Get Tech Saavy

We know the old adage about old dogs and new tricks, but EVERYONE can learn new things. Technology is creeping into every area of our lives; is it time you embraced it and ditched the flip phone? If you don't have kids or grandkids to show you the ropes, check with your phone service provider on classes. Many providers offer classes to teach you the features of smart phones and devices.

These devices aren't just for your recreation, they can help you do your job more effectively. Besides the obvious e-log requirement coming up this year, the trucking industry is getting more technologically advanced every year. Don't get left behind with the mistaken notion that you can't learn something new. Everyone can! And if you are already tech saavy, you can still look for new technologies to make life easier. Just make sure to tell us about what you find!


3. Engage Your Mind

Road hypnosis is real. It is all too easy for OTR drivers to sit in silence in your cab and let the hours tick by listening to music or the radio. We want to challenge you to think outside the box. Studies show that adults who regularly participate in mentally challenignin activities maintain more of their mental abilities for longer. Who doesn't want that? While you can't do a crossword puzzle on the road, there are plenty of things you can do. Here are some suggestions. 


We also think you should resolve to love your job! We have trucking jobs available! If you want to know more about K&J Trucking, click the picture below for a free guide on the 10 Reasons for Driving with K&J Trucking. 

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