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Trucking App Review: TruckBlox


Ever wish you had a trucking friend up ahead on the road to tell you exactly what was coming up? Well that is exactly what TruckBlox aims to be. It could just be the next CB radio...

TruckBlox is a trucking app that sends you voice alerts when there is a traffic jam or lane closure ahead as well as open weigh stations and DOT inspections.


Our truckers who tested the app liked that it would tie in with their phone and could broadcast the voice alerts to their Bluetooth headsets, allowing them time to prepare for what was ahead. They also appreciated that it was super easy to record and send in roadside feedback to alert other users. 



The only downside is that the app is only as good as the feedback truckers are reporting, so it is more accurate in areas with more traffic. But as more users provide feedback the trucking app user experience continues to get better and better. 


Overall, this is a great trucking app to add to your phone. Let us know what you think! To see a video of a trucker using the app, click here. This trucking app is available for Android and Apple

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