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Trucking App Review: Gas Guru


Truckers need technology to stay on the cutting edge and keep owner operator's profits high. Gas Guru is an app that helps save you money by reporting gas prices in real time, from other drivers like you. 

While not specifically a trucking app, Gas Guru is used by many truckers to find the best gas prices. It shows all prices on a map so you can not only see where the cheapest gas is located, but also where you will find the nearest gas. 


Truckers who tested the app appreciated the easy to use simple interface. There isn't much to this app, and there doesn't need to be. It does what it sets out to do, it reports prices. The biggest positive that this app had over similar apps such as Gas Buddy is that all the gas prices on Gas Guru are submitted by the gas companies themselves rather than drivers. This prevents inaccuracies and helps keep prices reliable. All of the prices we tested were up to date and accurate. 



The only real negative to this app is the inability to set voice alerts when you are passing a good deal on gas. Some drivers might benefit from a trucker app that provided audio alerts when they were passing cheap gas. But this is a minor critique as most drivers would probably prefer not to use the roaming data that would be required to provide information like audio alerts. 


Screenshots of the trucking app in action

         Gas-Guru-1.png    Gas-Guru-2.png




We think this is a great app to add to your trucking toolkit. But we want to know what you think! Gas Guru is available for both Apple and Android. Please note that K & J provides our drivers with fuel discounts that are sent out daily. Unfortunately these are not reflected on this app.

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