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New to Refrigerated Trucking? Here's What You Need to Know...

New to Refrigerated Trucking? Here's What You Need to Know - K&J TruckingWe have a lot of drivers come to us as a second or third career and we have found that while many are quite knowledgeable on trucks, refrigerated trucking is a mystery to them. Here are some quick facts about the reefer business. 

1. It pays more than traditional trucking

Part of the reason for this is that the cost of fuel for a refrigerated truck is higher because the refrigeration unit consumes energy. Thankfully this means that shippers pay more to move freight on a reefer. New advances such as solar panels to reduce energy costs and increased fuel efficiency are making truck operation more affordable; so profit margins are rising. 

2. It is a variation on the dry van

Basically a refrigerated trailer is just a well-insulated box trailer with a refrigeration unit installed on it. Refrigerated trailers can carry either temperature-sensitive goods or moisture-sensitive dry goods. Refrigerated units carry a TON of important products, not just meats and vegetables. Did you know that baseball cards and even honeybees are carried in reefers?

3. A large percentage of refrigerated trucking jobs are long-haul, but not all

While the majority of reefer loads are long-haul, we do have plenty of regional and intermediate routes available. Don't buy into the idea that reefer always means long-haul; it doesn't. 

4. Demand is high

Operating a refrigerated trailer isn't difficult to learn, but it does require some training and many drivers don't have that training. This reefer driver shortage leads to increased demand, making refrigerated trucking a very secure career move. Our K&J shop offers excellent training on using a refrigerated trailer for any drivers who are ready to make the switch.

5. Not seasonally dependent

If you haul grain or livestock, you probably spend a good portion of the year waiting around. Not so with refrigerated trucking. While there are always slight seasonal upticks, for example around the holidays, reefer loads don't have the high highs and low lows of some other types of trucking; making it a more attractive option for owner operators or company drivers who want to stay busy on the road. 


If you're looking for a change and think refrigerated trucking might be for you, we want to talk. We have regional, intermediate and long-haul routes available. We have company driver positions as well as owner operator routes; and we offer a great leasing program. Click below to learn more about why drivers love K&J, or apply now. 

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